Otaku CMS

WordPress is not the only way to build a website. Embrace new technology and learn new interesting things.

The Otaku CMS project is my current focus that has consumed my energy and passion for web development and product creation for the last 1.5 years.

My aim is to produce a viable alternative to WordPress addiction for blogging and building websites on the LAMP server platform. Now I feel that I am very close to achieving this goal.

The experience of developing this product has made me a more experienced coder in both Javascript and PHP together with developing a professional approach to building releases and using version control software.

Another area that I am getting more interested in is Automated Testing. I need to set this up ASAP.

Simple Backup

Too many people lose all of their data when their hard drive fails, let's fix that major problem.

I coded Simple Backup in C# to very easily set up a backup process that runs in the background on the Windows platform. The impetus to produce this utility came from the fact that it seemed to me to be too difficult to set up a practical backup and restore system that did not require backing up the whole hard drive.


I have more ideas for websites than I have time to create them, but thankfully I have built some of them and they have thrived for a while and had their share of global visitors. I hope to get some links up to my sites soon to satisfy your curiosity.


I intend do work for people like You in the area of Web Development utilizing Otaku CMS. So when it is stable, I will advertise my services. Here is the services Menu.